Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well...it's been a while

So, I haven't posted in a while.  I've been pretty busy though.  Here are a few things I've done over the past few months.
   I started crocheting, I found a few patterns on Etsy that I was willing to pay for these are from seller: deliciouscrochet, my mom was the recipient of the giraffe, my dad got the bunny...
   One of the women I work with has started making bows and asked if I could make her some animal shaped buttons to go in the center...I had a blast making these...then they burned :(, so I made new ones...each is an original. :)
   The top frog burnt in the oven, so I remade him, as well as the pinknpurple kitten...
  With the cold weather arriving, I have gotten into the mood to crochet some booties among other wardrobe, I've went through a few patterns and decided it was basic enough to make my own...so I did and made mom a pair of toe warmers. :D
 more buttons

 This is actually the first Amigurumi I made...the piggie from Angry Birds..pattern by Nerdigurumi

 Made my own pattern to replace my antennae ball, thought the piggie was cute so remade him..hehe
 There's a lot more I've done but I hate posting pics on blogger, it always fights me-puts my pics in whatever order it wants and then won't move them around where I tell it to...so this is it for now!  Have a great day! Christy

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