Thursday, September 19, 2013

another story of how the Lord works

so, yesterday was a long day of driving to find a vehicle, I had looked online for a vehicle and finally found one that was decently priced and looked nice in the photos, I took mom, dad, and Beau with me to look at the car, we get to the dealership and they drive the car out, and the carfax, it had been in an accident and repaired, not a big deal since the car was pretty old (2005), had a damaged tail light they wouldn't fix, the antennae was broken, and they were asking a reduced price of 7,000$ for the vehicle, then the games began--which is really why I asked dad and Beau to come along-the dealership brought out a piece of paper that said end total was over $9000 dollars and I don't think that included any kind of said no way-we were looking under 7000 out the door-warranty included---I'm not good at this part so I just this time I'd already been approved for a loan and had my down payment ready.) Dealer made a fuss, called his gm brought the sheet back over, made a comment about not having a lot of money in the car, they'd done about 700$ worth of work on it(it still needed work), he'd dropped the estimate down $200 dollars because we were such nice folks and he wanted to help us and Beau's response were "sure, sure" and some words were exchanged, we were asked to leave...I smiled on the way was kinda interesting to watch them fluster the poor salesman...Funny thing is that morning I woke up early to do a little more searching because I wanted to see what other cars this make and model were going for...found one they were asking 5995$ no dealer fees etc etc, different color, but same we headed over to take a look at the car...Dad and the dealer got on pretty good, lots of laughs, test drive, check over, prayer and found that this vehicle had less mileage, all the lights were in good condition, got the carfax, was in 2 minor accidents, repaired by authorized mechanic, and well taken care of(maintenance), after some talking the dealer was able to get the price down to $7,100 included 2 yr. extended warranty, tax, tag, title, out the door..Funny how the Lord works, had I not researched that morning and prayed I'd have not seen the 2nd car, and would still be driving the Cavalier, cause no way was I paying $9000 on the other one...when you get that feeling that this isn't the right path, get off that path, cause God's got something better in mind.. the insurance agent said I got an awesome deal :) ...and dad would certainly recommend anyone in the area looking for a used vehicle search Marietta Auto Mall Center

a little story

  A little story of how the Lord works in my life:
  Almost 20 years ago I had a great friend who was my next door neighbor.  I'd go knocking on his door and ask him if he wanted to go for a walk down a mile long dirt road with me.  I'd grab his arm, he'd protest a minute and then we'd set off arm in arm walking down the street, shooting the breeze.  One day I remember I grabbed his arm to set off and on the way back he reached down and took my hand.  I was surprised that this shy young man (a bit younger than me) responded back. In 1996 before my family moved from FL to GA I told him we were moving away, I remember looking him in the eye and seeing him tear up a bit, he hugged me, and then before saying a final goodbye that young man kissed me.   My family moved to GA and I wrote to him, a bit late I suppose, because other family members who lived in the area said his family had moved away..and all communication was lost.  Over the years I'd see men who had similar features to him and my heart would skip a beat, and I'd say a little prayer for him and his family, and hope to one day see him again.  I'd Google his name, he had a pretty unique started and I found him again, it had been so long since I'd last seen him, at that time, that I hesitated in befriending him again, after a few years I closed out my account and then Facebook started.  In 2010 I found him on Facebook, this time I did add him as a friend...He didn't have much to say, but he was on my list of 2013 I had a dream involving him and told the Lord that if we were suppose to be in contact then let him start it, I'd changed alot over the past 17 years... I waited and nothing happened ...I had a few more dreams over the next few weeks, one of which stood out as a bit strange, out of the ordinary, I told my mom about the dream and it was interpreted, a dream from God, I prayed "ok, God, if you want this to happen, and that's the only way it's going to happen, then I will write him, once".  I honestly didn't know if this man remembered who I was.  He responded back, we talked on the phone, and 3 months later he is again my next door neighbor, and I have my bestest friend back again.  Who I love dearly!!